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Two Football Fans Blowing The Vuvuzela

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Meet The Vuvuzela Man

Sales of Vuvuzela’s are rapidly gaining momentum as the countdown for the 2010 World Cup continues. The Vuvuzela man has received several large orders and sales enquiries from all areas are pouring in. See The Man Behind The Vuvuzela In The UK

Vuvuzela and uk Football
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Vuvuzelas have been said to be rooted in African history, but this has been in dispute for quite some time. People would blow on a kudu horn to call villagers to a meeting. Adding to the appeal is African folklore that "A baboon is killed by a lot of noise." During the last quarter of a match, supporters blow vuvuzelas frantically in an attempt to "kill off" their opponents.

South African soccer fans agree that the Vuvuzela creates a lively atmosphere in the stadium. The Vuvuzela has become part of South African football culture, and is a way of showing loyalty and dedication to the team. Just as fans in other countries beat drums, blow trumpets, and sing, .

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