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Two Football Fans Blowing The Vuvuzela

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Meet The Vuvuzela Man

Commercial info


More than 20,000 of these colourful trumpets with their unique sound were sold on the day the 2010 World Cup was awarded to South Africa, where over two million of these units have been sold to local fans since it made its debut about 10 years ago.


The Vuvuzela can easily be blown by anyone – all it takes is a bit of lip flexibility and lung strength (no more than those of English football fans characteristic singing in the stands).  It is very similar to blowing a normal trumpet, but without the skill of changing tones.


The Vuvuzela can be imprinted or stamped individually on the assigned areas, e.g. with company logos. Pad print also makes circulating imprints possible. This is however restricted to only one colour. Basically the Vuvuzela can be produced in any RAL-colour, all other “non-metallic colours”, some metallic paints and “spangle.” Please contact us for more information.

Blow ones own trumpet

The introduction of the Vuvuzela to those present at the Sheffield Wednesday charity match was such a success that spectators and later team members and officials scrambled to get hold of them.  Some people were even prepared to pay many times the recommended retail price of around £5, proving that the wholesale purchase of this product holds no risk for buyers.

“The feed back from Saturday was very good. The atmosphere was the best this season, in fairness other things contributed to that but the vuvuzelas where certainly a very welcome part of the improved atmosphere on the day. Yes there were some complaints but there was only one that made it to us by email and that was dealt with. If other initiatives only generated one email complaint then most clubs would call that a result. Not sure on the figures for sales yet as a definite but it was 100s and they have been selling form the shop this week. They were the best seller after team shirts on Saturday. To put that in perspective we have sold 10,000 shirts so far this season”

John Hemmingham Sheffield Wednesday.

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Blowing the Vuvuzela
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