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Two Football Fans Blowing The Vuvuzela

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Meet The Vuvuzela Man

More information about the Vuvuzela


The Vuvuzela can be imprinted or stamped individually on the assigned areas, e.g. with company logos. Pad print also makes circulating imprints possible. This is however restricted to only one colour. Basically the Vuvuzela can be produced in any RAL-colour, all other “non-metallic colours”, some metallic paints and “spangle.”

Vuvuzela Horn Illustration

Our offering is the original and authentic Vuvuzela manufactured in South Africa from colored plastic, allowing colored logos or other artwork to be screen printed on a background of white, black, red, green, yellow or blue.

You can purchase your Vuvuzela here.


For wholesale and branding enquiries please contact us.

• The production of the Vuvuzela corresponds to latest requirements

• The units sold in South Africa to date is over 2 million

• Percentage margin contribution – 50%

• Ideally this should be displayed in a dump bin

• The Vuvuzelas have sold exceptionally well in many chain stores in SA already, and Pick n Pay (a similar chain to Tesco in UK) recently ran a major promotion nationally.

• Many retailers in SA are currently out of stock

• This is a fantastic branding opportunity to your suppliers thanks to full colour branding possibilities.

• 20 000 Vuvuzelas were sold on the day FIFA announced that South Africa would be hosting the 2010 World Cup.

• Local expectations are that over 500 000 would be sold on South African soil during the current Confederations Cup Tournament and the run-up to 2010 World Cup.

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